Powder Coating - Automated Conveyor Line and Batch

B&J is strategically positioned to be your one stop manufacturing partner. In today’s global market place products over a wide range of industries have post produciton finish requirements such as powder coat and plating. B&J is equipped to handle your metal finishing needs in-house or through our strong network of subcontracting suppliers.

Conveyor or Batch Powder coating in house allows B&J to maintain close control of your parts to assure maximum quality. This process produces quality parts on a shorter production schedule and offers reduced time to market for our customers. Additionally, our customers spend less time managing multiple vendors.

B&J utilizes the latest technology and pre-treatment processes to powder coat parts in a range of shapes and sizes. We pre-treat components to provide a clean, uniform, oil/grease free surface with a compatible phosphate coating that promotes maximum paint adhesion.  B&J’s rinse stages are supplied with the purist of rinse water utilizing a de-ionized feed and a final reverse osmosis “ECO” system to polish the water for the final rinse stages.  Our semi-automated powder coat line is certified by Powder Finishing Consultants, Inc. and anchors a 12,000 square foot state of the art powder coating and metal finishing facility. You can rest assured that B&J will provide excellent post production finishing services for your components.  Tanks are monitored pH, TDS and concentricity in accordance with industrial standards for pretreatment control.

B&J has both semi automated conveyor and small batch capabilities depending on our customer configuration needs. Batch capabilities are sized to handle larger configurations and extended cure times. If your production assemblies require sandblasting, we’ve got you covered. We also provide an in-house abrasive blasting. (8’ x 15’) booth on site.

Finished high quality powder coated parts offer excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, abrasion, and fading from sunlight and weather.

Automated Powder Coating


Machine Type Description
Batch Paint and Cure Parker Ionics Batch Powder Application Booth 8’W X 8’D X 7’T
  Despatch Cure Oven 450 Degree 8'W x 12'D x 6'9"T 
  Nordson Sure Coat Application Gun with 50LB Hopper
 Ramco Automated Line Ramco 4 Stage Phosphate Pretreatment with "ECO" Systems Osmosis Final Rinse
  Ramco 40 Foot Dry Off Oven
  Ramco Powder Application (2 person) Booth
  Parker Ionics GX 131 Power Pulse Application Gun (2)
Support Equipment ABS Systems Abrasive Blasting Booth 8'W x 15'D x 8'T

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